Rob Wesinger - Lead Vocals

Born and raised in somewhere slightly north of the equator. Rob is a long time Veteran of the Boston area music Circuit. Cutting his teeth on Rock ‘N Roll at the young age of 15 he has since fronted many original and cover bands for almost 30 years. Rob was the original singer for Diezel from 2007 until 2010. Since then the band has evolved into a multi-faceted powerhouse that he was compelled to rejoin forces in late 2015.

In his spare time:  SPARE TIME, WHAT’S THAT?
Favorite Bands: Kajagoogoo, Men Without Hats, Engelbert Humperdinck, Van Halen & anything Hair Metal! (Ok maybe stretching it a bit with the Humperdinck but a fun name to say)
Favorite song: I like big butts! (Sir Mix-alot)
Favorite TV Shows: Dance Mom’s, Paula Dean cooking, CNN, Big Bang Theory & Treehouse Masters.
Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle, Fifty Shades of…WTF! Forrest Gump & ELF.

John Mauriello - Lead Guitar

Johnny "bag-o-doughnuts" was born and raised in Bora Bora but migrated to MA,
USA to play in the band Diezel! He is an illegal immigrant so don't tell anyone!
He studied dodge-ballat Ballz-R-Us University and likes long walks on the beach
with his dog Toto.

Favorite TV shows: Glee & Power Rangers

Gary Massucco - Bass guitar/vocals

Gary hails from Billerica, MA (he grew up across the street from Johnny) Has a beautiful daughter named Ashley who keeps him sane! Gary uses Shecter and Spector basses and Ampeg amps. Gary played in Busted Nutz from 2004 -2007 then formed Diezel with Richie, John , Rob & Steve. he had regional/national success back in 1991 with the band "Last Cry" with two radio hits, "City Queen" and "In the name of love". In the name of love was used in a movie as well as getting them major airplay in over 25 states and in 3 countries prompting Billboard magazine to notice! In his spare time when Gary is not playing music he enjoys being an avid fisherman! 

Favorite bands; Iron Maiden, Tesla, Mr. Big, TNT, Whitesnake & Bon Jovi... to name a few

Richie Laquidara - Drums/vocals

Richie AKA, The Thunder from Down Under! Rockin' Richie is a hard hitting time keeper from the glory days of hair. Hailing from the depths of Hell and kicked out there for bad behavior, Richie with his unique stile and presence has the ability to keep the boys in line (even if it is a crooked line) Soaring vocals and heavy sticks he keeps the beat going and the dance floor rockin!

Eric Hanson- Keyboards/ Vocals

Eric has been on the local music scene for over 20 years, as a founding member of the cover band Dawghouse, then playing with Zeppelin tribute Ed’z Zeppelin, The Character Assassins , The Sonic Pimps, and Chicago Tribute Steady High. His diverse playing style and backing vocals help fill out the Diezel sound.