About the band...

A little about the band.....
Diezel was formed in early 2007 with Gary Massucco, John Mauriello, and Richie Laquidara from the band Busted Nutzz joining Rob Wesinger and Steve Lakos from the Maxwells.   There have been a handful of changes throughout the years, but the band keeps on rollin' like a freight train!  The story continues in 2023, and a new explosive lineup is ready to bring the party!

The new 2023 line-up:

Rob Wesinger- Lead Vocals and Loud noises

John Mauriello - Guitar and vox

Gary Massucco - Bass and backing vox

Eric Hanson - Keyboards, piano, harmonica and backing vox

Ricky Porter - Drums, lead and backing vox

We are prepared to rock the New England club scene for years to come. 

Diezel is one of the hardest working bands in the area, covering a wide variety of songs from heavy to poppy, rock to country, edgy to dancy. Constantly adapting , Diezel gears out sets toward each individual club to blend with the atmosphere of each venue while having a good time with the crowd as well! The concept is easy, great song selection, professional attitude and have a great time doing it! This recipe is sure to please any crowd!